GoPro support!

Just dropped here by the courier! A nice upgrade from GoPro Europe to support my 'Master Acro' instructional film project and of course also my sporting activities in general!
Many thanks GoPro for this amazing opportunity!

1.000.000 hits!!

Just reached over 1.000.000 views on my Youtube channel! :-)
I know it is no big deal for some, but it is still a great milestone for me! Many thanks for your clicks and I'm happy to know that you like the videos! Keep it up!

Master Acro - announcement!

Master Acro - the right way!
In association with I am announcing the production of an aerobatics paragliding instructional film. Expected release date: spring 2015.
Stay tuned at:

Interview at the PWC Krushevo

Philippe Broers interviews the acro guys, me and Richard Gallon.

Hungarian Champion and my 2nd PWC

At the end I managed to win the Hungarian-Ukrainian Open with 148 participants! It was an amazing experience! See overall results here.

Hungarian - Ukrainian Open Task2

Yesterday 62km task was set with huge cylinder radius because widespread cloud cover was expected. Eventually the shade came in...I took off as very first but 130 pilots did not...3 made goal despite huge shady zones on the course! I was 18 km short...Discussion is still going on if the task will be valid or not...
Today was a bit task.

Krusevo, Hungarian-Ukrainian Open Task1

The first (~66) km long task completed today! I got to goal as third overall and first Hungarian. Results will follow tonight at some point at the comps website.

Is this a thermal?

Excellent low-pressure conditions to try my new Enzo2 and set up the speed-system of the Exoceat harness. Right on time, just one day to go till the comp begins in Macedonia :)

Hungarian Championships

This Friday I am heading to Macedonia for the first time in my life. The Hungarian Paragliding Championships together with the Ukrainian Champs will take place there right before the World Cup event at the same spot in Krushevo. Hopefully I will also be able to compete in the World Cup but it hasn't been confirmed yet...
I am really looking forward to fly my entirely new XC setup. In consists of a cutting edge ENZO2 and an Exoceat harness, designed by Ozone. Can't wait!

XXLite video

Finally managed to edit the shots of my first XXLite flight from end of Mai. What a cool wing!
Thanks Ozone Paragliders to be the most innovative brand of this sport!