19th place at 2014 Superfinal

After seeing a pretty bad start the weather conditions for the second half of the competition were finally improving a lot. All together we had 6 tasks, some with very tricky and technical flying in stable conditions and only 2 of them were classical racing with many pilots arriving in goal.
The 2014 PWC Superfinal Champion is the 23 years old Maxime Pinot who won by impressive 200+ points (!) in front of fellow Frenchman Honorin Hamard and Julien Wirtz. Huge congratulation to them! I can now see there is so much to learn!
I finished 19th of which I am very satisfied with, being a World Cup newcomer and having flown together with that many big names!
Many thanks to Ozone for creating the best competition wing out there and to Naviter for precisely navigating me through the tasks with the Oudie3 !
Feeling motivated and looking forward to more PWC events in 2015!

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