Hungarian Champion and my 2nd PWC

At the end I managed to win the Hungarian-Ukrainian Open with 148 participants! It was an amazing experience! See overall results here.
Right after this comp I participated in the 2nd Paragliding World Cup of my life! In the last minute I managed to receive a wild card entry. Obviously the level was a lot higher here and it was a great opportunity for me to learn flying with some of the top pilots in the world! Unfortunately I screwed up the first 2 tasks (probably too ambitious and motivated to push) but in the last 3 I always came to goal in top 20 (19, 17, 14). With a bit more luck in the last thirds of the tasks I could have made even much better since I was always in the leading pack all the way through. But this really shows that I need to focus to work on my finish! At the end I cam 69th. Anyway it all doesn't matter for me, I am extremely happy that I had this chance to fly this comp! It was definitely the most exciting cross country competition experience so far! But so much to learn! And by the way it appears to be pretty addictive! :)
I enjoy flying my Enzo2 so much and can't wait to join another competition some times soon! But now need to focus on my project!

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