Colombia - 2023 XC Masterclass

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Not satisfied with your progression? Get 500 USD back!


1. Course: 7-15 January 2023 (0 places open).

2. Course: 20-28 January 2023 (0 places open).

3. Course: 28 January - 05 February 2023 (0 places open).

This is how we roll: side-by-side coaching for best result

- World-class instructors from the top of the Paragliding World Ranking.
- Learn from 60+ years of accumulated flying knowledge among our guides.
- Exclusive personal attention thanks to best participant/guide ratio.
- Instructional tandem flights on-demand (included in the price). 
- Side-by-side guiding: we fly TOGETHER.
- In-flight radio coaching throughout every flight.
- Pre-, and post-flight briefings and analysis.
- Theory classes.
- Flying in Piedechinche: the best & worry-free XC site of Colombia.*

For all ages and levels, we give our best to help your progression!


1. 7-15 January 2023 (Full)
(7 flying days + 2 travel days)

2. 20-28 January 2023 (Full)
(7 flying days + 2 travel days)
QUALIFY NOW: paltakats@gmail.comFlying together as a team: no matter if you are pushing in front or need help in the back, one of our guides will be around!

3. 28 January - 05 February 2023 (Full)
(7 flying days + 2 travel days)

1st day: Travel day, arrivals to Cali International Airport, shuttles to Siga la Vaca hotel in Santa Elena town.
2nd - 8th day: XC Mastercourse flying days, theory classes.
9th day: Travel day, shuttles to Cali airport.

Airport shuttles are only included on the designated travel days.


2700 EUR in single rooms.

1500 EUR to secure your participation.
Contact us for wire transfer instructions to USD and EUR bank accounts.
The deposits are transferable to another person in case you cannot make it.
The deposit is non-refundable.

Not satisfied with your progression? Get 500 USD back!

This is not just another Colombian flying trip! Besides having fun and enjoying this breathtaking country, our mission is to help you become a better pilot by improving your safety, technique, and decision-making. All participants will have the chance to take advantage of exclusive instructional XC tandem flights with our world-class guides, already included in the price. No matter if you are new to distance flying or if you are already flying competitions, we will make sure that you get the most out of flying with us! Let's extend your horizon together!

*Why Piedechinche?

Our team strongly believes that Piedechinche is the overall best flying site for such a course in Colombia, if not in South America or even the entire world!
Our team have competed and dominated the most prestigious cross-country competitions held in Colombia in recent years. Historically, these events mostly take place in Roldanillo, which turned the Cauca Valley into the most popular paragliding destination of the southern hemisphere. We all agree that Roldanillo is the best place for competition flying and big triangles, but it is not without a catch. Two sets of high-voltage power lines are teasing the nerves along the entire mountain range. There is no official landing field and the east-facing slopes do not only produce early thermals but also powerful turbulences and lee-sides, making the flying there significantly more risky and demanding. And last but not least, the incoming sea-breeze from the Pacific Ocean makes launching impossible latest in the early afternoon and turns the ridge into a massive lee-side later on. If you land out early, there is no chance for a second try and your flying day is over.

Magical Piedechinche

Piedechinche is situated on the other side of the Cauca Valley, a short 45-minute drive away from Cali international airport. The nearest town is Santa Elena, where we will stay in the high-standard Siga la Vaca hotel.  Although its slopes are facing west, thermal conditions can begin as early as 10 am. Piedechinche has it all to be a world-class flying site. Multiple perfectly maintained take-offs with quicker access, a huge beginner-friendly landing place, and a breathtaking rainforest mountain backdrop. Unlike in Roldanillo there are NO obstructing power lines, NO dangerous sea breeze in the afternoon, so we can fly all day long into the sunset! Piedechinche is a magical place and the perfect flying environment to work on your skills. But we will not limit ourselves to just be flying locally. We will try to make the best out of each day and when conditions allow, we will aim for 4-5 hours and 100+ km long one-way or out-and-return flights.

What will you learn?

- Pro tips & tricks.
- Thermal techniques, coring.
- Cross-country strategy and mindset.
- Fly faster and more efficiently.
- Advanced glider control (rear-riser steering, speed bar, etc).
- Decision-making.
- Choosing your line.
- How to get the most out of the day.
- Reading the sky.
- Meteo.
- Fly in a group and work together as a strong team.
- Competition strategy.

How we will do it?

Instructional tandem flights with our instructors (WATCH VIDEO).
- You get special attention: thanks to the high participants/guide ratio.
- Best preparation with in-depth briefings.
- Individual coaching according to your level.
- Setting daily tasks & goals.
- We will be flying and learning together as a group to ensure the best result.
- Accompanied and coached by world-class pilots.

Beef 'chorizo'What is included in the price?

- In-flight radio coaching throughout every flight.
- 1on1 VIP coaching with Bluetooth headset (1 participant/day)
- Instructional tandem flights with one of our top-level instructors.
- Theory classes.
- Task setting.
- Gear compatibility check and optimization.
- Pre-flight briefings
- Post-flight analysis, debriefing.
- Accommodation in Siga La Vaca in single rooms with air-conditioning.
- Breakfast.
- Transportation & Retrieve.
- Local SIM cards (activated and ready to go).
- Airport shuttles on the dedicated travel days.
- Take-off and landing fees.
- Alternative programs/entrance fees.
- Local guidance.
- In-flight pictures of you flying like a pro.
- Good vibes.

Not included in the price? 

- Plane tickets
- Lunch / dinner
- Airport transfer on non-travel days (approx. 50 EUR)


We always do our best to prevent any incident and so far our courses were 100% accident-free.
However, in case of an injury, we will take you to the Valle de Lili clinic which is "Accredited with international standards, for fourth year in a row as the third best hospital in Latin America by the AméricaEconomía magazine".

Minimum requirements to participate:

- Valid paragliding license.
- Valid liability insurance.
- Accident insurance covering paragliding.
- Experience level to safely take-off and land by yourself.
- Basic thermal flying skills.
- Fluently speak one of these languages: English / German / Spanish / Hungarian.
- Complete flying kit suitable for your skill level. 
- Reserve parachute re-packed within the last 6 months prior to the course.
- A quality 2-meter band radio (this is crucial for us to be able to work together. If you don't hear us, we can't help you. It is recommended to invest in a high-quality radio: ICOM, Yaesu, etc.)
- Travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Your crew:


Pál TakátsPál Takáts
Coming from Hungary and began to fly in 2001. Pál won the Aerobatic World Cup Tour three times, was a Red Bull athlete for 10 years, participated in the Red Bull X-Alps two times, is a Guinness record holder, invented new maneuvers, created the Master Acro educational series, flew 528 km in Brazil, finished 3rd in 2019 Paragliding World Cup Argentina, and the list goes on. Today he's seasonally living between Austria and Colombia.  
Together with his wife, he became a landowner in Piedechinche, a place they quickly fell in love with. He knows the Cauca Valley really well, which made him be the Meet Director of the prestigious Paragliding World Cup Superfinal in 2017. Pál is a cross-country and acro specialist, fluently speaking English, German, Spanish, and Hungarian. A man on a mission to leave a footprint in paragliding education. 

Monika TakátsMonika Takáts
Moni started to fly in 2016 and she is quickly exploring the beauty of her new passion. In 2022 she finished second in the EN-B class and won the female class in her very first competition, the Ozone Open in Piedechinche, the flying arena she knows the best. She is fluent in German, English, and Spanish and will be happy to introduce you to the Colombian lifestyle. Her longest distance flight is currently 115 km and 6:30h, also flown in the same region. She will be helping us everywhere, from the logistics to in-flight coaching.

Ernesto HinestrozaErnesto Hinestroza
He started to fly in 1998. Originally from Venezuela, today a member of the German National Team. In recent times Ernesto "Junior" flew himself into the Top 10 of the World Ranking by some outstanding and constant results. We all want to learn his secrets ;) Living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany he speaks German, English, and of course his native tongue, Spanish. He has flown and competed a lot in the Cauca valley, finishing on the podium most times. 
Most notably he made it into the TOP10 of both the 2018 AND 2019 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal, the highest level competition in existence.  Ernesto's personal best flight is a 264 km triangle through the Swiss Alps.

Walter Gomez
Our friend Walter is helping us with the shuttles and retireves (and more) on his Toyota Land Cruiser. Being local he knows our flying arena very well. He is not only an experienced tandem pilot but while working with us in the past years he has also improved his cross-country skills significantly. We are proud of him for winning his first competition, a small recreational contest in Piedechinche in July 2022.



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