Upcoming Courses and Services 2022-2023

Girl's Tour with Moni Takats
18-26 February 2023
This will be the first and most fun cross country trip for girls only, in Piedechinche and Roldanillo, Valle de Cauca!
Questions and sign-up here.

January-February 2023.
XC Mastercourses, Valle de Cauca, Colombia:
1. Course: 7-15 January 2023 (0 places open).
2. Course: 20-28 January 2023 (0 place open).
3. Course: 28 January - 05 February 2023 (0 place open).

Flying the Volcan of Fire

A once in a lifetime experience. Moni and I hiked and flew the nearly 4000m high Acatenango in Guatemala. I had the chance to soar to the neighboring and active Volcán de Fuego (Volcan of Fire) to experience the true power of mother nature and some of the scariest moments of my life :)

528 km in Brazil

A dream came through on the 8th of November in Brazil by entering the elite club of pilots who flew more than the 500 km with a paraglider. My longest ever flight of 11 hours...this was a true mission, requiring top endurance, motivation and support and teamwork of friends such as Veso Ovcharov and Maurice Knur. Thanks to Ozone Paragliders for creating the best equipment out there!

What is Master Acro?

Share your paragliding fail videos!

Dear fans, I need your help! Please share your emergency situations caught on tape and help other people not to make the same mistakes! From cross country emergencies to acro, collapses, twists, cravats, reserve deployments, etc. - everything is welcome!

I am working on new episodes for Master Acro such as Misty Flip, Misty to Heli, SAT to Heli, Heli to SAT, Heli to Heli, MacTwist, MacTwist to Heli, Tumbling, Rythmic SAT, Infinite Tumbling...There are many special situations and emergencies that I am not able or not willing to reproduce. Not only looking for situations related to the maneuvers above, but also in general. Even non-acro related action can be very useful...

Master Acro - RELEASED!

Feeling so proud! The most detailed acro tutorial videos in paragliding history is NOW AVAILABLE in 3 different progression packages
Buy it now in the justACRO Shop 10% cheaper here:

SkyPerformance trainer

I successfully completed the course to the next level of the German/Austrian instructor certification! In the future I will become a DHV certified 'Performance Trainer' instructor.

Another year on tour with Red Bull Air-Race

Another season is confirmed! I am on board again for the 2018 Red Bull Air-Race World Championship as the series' only fix side-act at every stop! I feel honored to be part of the fastest motorsport series of the world since 2014 and will be proudly presenting our sport with my paramotor displays at the world's stage.
This year I am flying the new Freeride 16m2 from Ozone. This new little toy just gives me the perfect agility and speed to impress (and scare) the public with low-level dynamic flying!

See a video example of my performances here:

Red Bull X-Alps 2017

Another TOP 10 result in the second Red Bull X-Alps participation of my career, this time 7th, only 89km from the shores of Monaco! What an adventure, what a team, what a fight to work my way back after the 2 days penalty due to a silly airspace violation...I don't even want to think 'what if.'...but I am really happy with the result! After the 2009 edition I told myself I'd never do this to myself ever again...but somehow I failed my own promise.

Paramotor overfly of Mount Fuji!

Less than 24 hours after arriving to Japan and still fighting serious jet-lag, I managed to overfly Mount Fuji (3,776m) !!! It was simply insane, a dream coming true! 55 km flight with an altitude gain of 4200 meters, launching and landing at the shores of the Pacific Ocean!
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