The moment I started to like my paramotor

2 days ago I decided to break out from the grey November weather and climbed over fog and clouds with my Blackhawk Paramotor! I ended up having the most amazing paramotor experience of my life so far!
Feels like I finally start to find the joy in this art of flying! Yeah right it is noisy and stinky...but it offers the freedom to see our world from a totally different perspective and to experience things that otherwise would be impossible without a motor. I am more and more connected with my engine which is really reliable and gives me great confidence with a sense of security. This is the most important factor to me. I also started to perform some aerobatics maneuvers using my 21.5 m2 U-Turn X3. So far I did a couple of SATs, Helicopters and Wing-Overs of course. I just need to install my smoke system to spice it up with visual effects! :-)

Many thanks to my sponsor Blackhawk for supporting my way into paramotor flying! I am very thankful for their super friendly attitude, competence in the sport, helpful skype service and endless patience to teach my non-mechanic soul the essentials of paramotoring...Thank you!

A video edit of my flight is coming up soon! ;-)

U-Turn Everest 19m2 light weight wing test flight

Received and tried the new Everest from U-Turn! A pure hike & fly wing. I choose the 19m2 model with only 2,37 kg and still thermals nicely!

Chasing shadows!

Been out on the fields near my home chasing my shadow and practicing a little with my Blackhawk Airmax 220! The machine is working just fine :)

A 5-star home flying site!

Getting ready to launch at my new home-site, Osterfelderkopf! So gorgeous! Still can barely believe, the landing place is 2 minutes from my house :)
Great for acro and the 274 km German record was flown from here, what else do you need!?

Pictured by Olaf Crato during a little video shooting.

Discovering Eibsee with SUP

Every day we love our new home more and more! :)
Today we were discovering the crystal clear Eibsee in a great way, stand-up pedaling for the first time in our life!


Many thanks to GoPro Europe for this nice little present that just landed over here! :)
Thanks for your support!

First winter touch in Garmisch!

Took my X3 Rainbow up for a flight to Osterfelderkopf after the big snowfall the other day. It was wonderful up there! Since then most of it is gone...


Acclimatizing to Oberbayern :)
But where is my Maß gone...!?

Powder can come!

Just received a pair of fat free-ride skis from Hamox!
Ready for the powder season now!

EOFT Premiere

Got invited to the 2013/2014 premiere of the European Outdoor Film Tour yesterday evening in Münich! Met some interesting personalities and saw a bunch of amazing, inspiring films!
Highly recommended to all outdoor sport fans! Check out the tour dates near your hometown: