Upcoming Courses and Services 2022-2023

Girl's Tour with Moni Takats
18-26 February 2023
This will be the first and most fun cross country trip for girls only, in Piedechinche and Roldanillo, Valle de Cauca!
Questions and sign-up here.

January-February 2023.
XC Mastercourses, Valle de Cauca, Colombia:
1. Course: 7-15 January 2023 (0 places open).
2. Course: 20-28 January 2023 (0 place open).
3. Course: 28 January - 05 February 2023 (0 place open).
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Flying the Volcan of Fire

A once in a lifetime experience. Moni and I hiked and flew the nearly 4000m high Acatenango in Guatemala. I had the chance to soar to the neighboring and active Volcán de Fuego (Volcan of Fire) to experience the true power of mother nature and some of the scariest moments of my life :)