Paramotor overfly of Mount Fuji!

Less than 24 hours after arriving to Japan and still fighting serious jet-lag, I managed to overfly Mount Fuji (3,776m) !!! It was simply insane, a dream coming true! 55 km flight with an altitude gain of 4200 meters, launching and landing at the shores of the Pacific Ocean!
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Desert sunrise - paramotor infinity

During my visit to the United Arab Emirates in March I had the chance to film this little action, thanks to Brooke Whatnall and the Skyhub Paramotor School!
Using Flyproducts Rider Acro with paramotor with Cors- Air Black Devil engine. Glider. Ozone Trickster 17m2.

Landing on the summit of Marmolada!

A long awaited dream came true! :)

My first Infinity Tumbling with a paramotor!

This is why I choose to fly FlyProducts!
Here is my second experimental flight with the brand new FlyProducts Rider-Acro paramotor with Cors-Air Motors Black Devil M25Y engine! Huge thanks to FlyProducts and Cors-Air for providing this top gear and the Malaguita brothers for the motivation and positive vibes to help me through this! Currently there are only the 3 of them in the world who regularly perform Infinity Tumbling and other high-level aerobatics tricks with a paramotor on their back as the tool to take-off and gain altitude!

The FlyProducts Rider-Acro is a high-quality, reinforced paramotor specially designed for aerobatics that was developed by the hard work and testing of Manu Malaguita PPG Acro expert together with Flyproducts. I had to locate my testicles to perform this for the first time but at the end I trusted my own skills and the equipment itself. I flew my "regular" 17m2 Ozone Trickster with 2 reserves and a take-off weight of roughly estimated 110 kg!!! It was very fast and therefore not the safest so next time I will try with 20m2.
For your own safety please DO NOT TRY tricks like this with a paramotor UNLESS YOU ARE A PRO!

Location: Lake Garda
Tricks: Full-Stall, Esfera, Wing-Over, Helicopter
Glider: Ozone Trickster 17m2

Welcoming FlyProducts and Cors-Air Motors!

I just started the cooperation with two Italian companies: Fly Products paramotor brand and Cors-Air Motors manufacturer. They will be my partners in the field of paramotor flying hopefully for many years coming ahead!
I am also very happy to be in the same team with Manu Malaguita Tejeiro who is one of the very few experts in performing high-level acrobatics with a paramotor. Together with Fly Products they developed an acro-suitable paramotor design called Rider Acro. I am flying exactly the same configuration as him that is equipped with a 175 cc Black Devil engine which is the perfect compromise between weight and performance.
Thank you Fly Products and Cors-Air for having me on-board!


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