A man's day out!

The perfect ending of a perfect day riding off-piste with friends!

Thanks to Ricky and Nici for showing us around in Zürs, and James for taking this shot!

What an incredible playground!

'Random' video series - 2nd Episode

Probably my favorite episode of this shooting session! Paramotoring!

'Random' video series - 1st Episode

So guys here I present the first episode of my little video series with Ahstudio and EpicTV! We spent one awesome week doing different sport activities Southern-France in the region of Lozére! In tthis part we went canyoning and for the first time in my life I had to face my fears of jumping off cliffs without a parachute! It is much worse than BASE!! :-))

How much further shall we push the limits...?

Youtube & Co. are awesome but at the same time so damn dangerous! Nowadays everything is filmed, everybody can see everybody's latest crazy stunt. Each time a little bit lower, faster, closer...We, human beings tend to overestimate our abilities time to time. People watching these countless examples of extraordinary people doing extraordinary (+dangerous) things really does push many to try something themselves that they are not yet capable of...GoPro cameras are one of the greatest innovation in modern filming technology and it is the best tool to learn and progress as an athlete.

A spontaneous flying lesson

Another flying lesson this time with Hans and a Cessna 172! Thanks a lot!
From Salzburg I flew to Fuschl am See to check out the Red Bull headquarters from above, nice!

Enjoying winter again!

After being totally sick for nearly 10 days, it is so nice to finally be able to enjoy such a beautiful day ski-touring near home!

Picture taken at Stuibenspitze.

Learning to fly the rigid stuff!

I am currently in Argentina visiting Swiss paragliding pioneer Andy Hediger at his airbase Aeroatelier. Having fun taking lessons with him introducing me to the world of rigid wings :)
Yesterday we had a 1 hour 40 minute flight on a Taurus sailplane. So stunned to feel and control the incredible performance of this thing!

Christmas climbing session

15 degrees today and perfect winter climbing conditions near home!
Great, but the mountain slopes urgently need some fresh snow now! :)

Thank you and best wishes!

I wish peaceful Christmas times and a happy, health and successful new year to everybody!

MANY THANKS my followers for your all your support, you guys rock!

Paraglider tandem acro test flight gone bad - spectacular incident

One of the top3 sketchiest moments of my paragliding career, from 2010! Hopefully it will never happen to you!
The 3rd ever aerobatics tandem test flight with the first U-Turn 'Twin Force' prototype gone terribly bad when all 'A', 'B' and 'C' upper gallery lines snapped under 6 G load of the Infinite Tumbling maneuver. The canopy itself however remained perfectly undamaged.
At the end of the video U-Turn's designer Ernst Strobl tells facts and figures how he already reinforced this very first prototype to stand the load of 10G (!) but despite the large safety margin this incident happened. We never figured how this is physically possible that all those lines snapped instantly together with barely any delay whatsoever. The final product is now built twice as strong as the first one and since then there were absolutely no more issues with the strength of the wing.

Pilot: Pál Takáts
Co-Pilot. Gábor Kézi
Wing: U-Turn Twin Force
Date: 19.05.2010
Location: Ölüdeniz, Turkey

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