Red Bull X-Alps 2017

Another TOP 10 result in the second Red Bull X-Alps participation of my career, this time 7th, only 89km from the shores of Monaco! What an adventure, what a team, what a fight to work my way back after the 2 days penalty due to a silly airspace violation...I don't even want to think 'what if.'...but I am really happy with the result! After the 2009 edition I told myself I'd never do this to myself ever again...but somehow I failed my own promise. We human are weird creatures...But I really wanted to see if my body was still be able to stand this extreme physical and psychological challenge, especially after my serious accident back in 2012. Luckily my body proved to be working just fine and I was able to fly my best with a minium amount of mistakes on the way. Another truly unforgettable adventure, no doubt. I feel so rich with all these memories, at the same time so glad to return home healthy, in really good shape. Somehow my body is made for this kind of stuff...but again I promised myself not to repeat it. Let's see if I can keep me own promise this time ;)

Big ups to all my team, Tine Claus, Ferdinand Vogel, Sasha Rentel, Sebastian Markrodt especially to stand by me even when turning grumpy in some dark moments of the race. You guys were the best, thank you so much for your support!


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