Share your paragliding fail videos!

Foto: Haakon Brenna

Dear justACRO fans, I need your help! Please share your emergency situations caught on tape and help other people not to make the same mistakes! From cross country emergencies to acro, collapses, twists, cravats, reserve deployments, etc. - everything is welcome!

I am working on new episodes for Master Acro such as Misty Flip, Misty to Heli, SAT to Heli, Heli to SAT, Heli to Heli, MacTwist, MacTwist to Heli, Tumbling, Rythmic SAT, Infinite Tumbling...There are many special situations and emergencies that I am not able or not willing to reproduce. Not only looking for situations related to the maneuvers above, but also in general. Even non-acro related action can be very useful because I am also planning to create a collection of all kind of paragliding fuckups - explained and analyzed.

How to share?
Fast and simple: use to send your high-resolution video to the e-mail address

In the comment please write the following information:
- The type of glider flown in the video
- The size of the glider
- Your take-off weight
- Your name (just for the record, please note if you don't want your name displayed)

Many thanks in advance!

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