As most of you know the past 7 years I have flown for the paraglider brand U-Turn. During these years we managed to achieve many incredible things together! From creating ground-breaking acro wings and inventing new maneuvers through world cup titles till making infinite tumble in tandem possible...This was a very intense period of my life and I am endlessly thankful for U-Turn's support all the way through! And that not only through success and fame but also the darkest days of my life...

After all however, the time has come for a change! Now, a completely new era of my paraglider life is about to begin!
I am extremely excited and proud to announce that from now on I will exclusively fly Ozone - probably nowadays leading and most innovative brand on the market! I am really looking forward to this journey that will definitely open new horizons to realize future dreams!

Many thanks to the entire Ozone management and team for the warm welcoming and for having me on-board!

So let's go flying now!

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