New number from 1SIMcard :-)

Yeaa my new international phone number is here!
Finally the end of all the SIM card torture while travelling all over! :-)

EVOLUTION - action part

The action part of the short documentary "EVOLUTION" filmed by Ahstudio in 2011, presenting the latest acro paragliding tricks developed by Pál Takáts.
Music by Irie Maffia - Lonesome Cowboy. Listen:

Interview in the Sport TV Channel

Filmed where my flying career began, talking about the past, present, future, world cup victory, sports, risk taking and personal emotions...
Hungarian spoken with English subtitles.

G-Force Trainer record run: 1min 45s under 7.5 G load!

Last year I went to check test out the G-Force Trainer in Austria. I ended up setting a new record of the machine that still stands and probably will stay for a while ;-)

5000+ :-)

Less then a year and a half after opening my "Athlete page" on Facebook yesterday I finally reached over 5000 'Likers'! Many thanks for all of you for being interested about the happenings in my life! For a small scene like in paragliding, I consider this already being a pretty good number! However, now the next goal should be to reach 10k, step by step... :-)

So, come on guys, "Like" the page and you'll always be up-to-date on what's up!

Portrait of Pál Takáts in Bucaramanga, Colombia

During my 2011 South-American winter trip I spent a week in Bucaramanga at my friend's Leito Rey's home site, flying some acro.
Bucaramanga is a low, but great site to practice acro over ground. Like a mini Organyá :-)

The clip was filmed and edited by Hector Cordoba in March 2011.

A life changing experience...

The last couple of months had been pretty hard for me and also my beloved ones...On the 9th of March I made a small mistake that nearly ended my life. I had unbelievable luck to make it out of this, thanks to my protecting angels. While I was sleeping in coma, I dreamed with friends who already died years ago, like they were about to welcome me in the afterlife...Scary stuff!

But no, my time has not yet come and life gave me a chance to return. And not just that, but I will be able to do everything in the future, as before...

An invitation to my Youtube channel :-)

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Esfera World Record - 4 times in a row

Warning! You are about to get dizzy :-)
Bored of Infinity Tumbling records? Esfera is here! :-)
4 times in a row from an altitude of 1000 meters over water.
April 2011, Malcesine, Italy