Pál's diary - the announcement

Let the adventure begin! Follow my everyday life in "Pál's Diary"! :-)

Me interviewing Raúl and Félix Rodriguez during EVOLUTION film shooting

Me interviewing Raúl and Félix Rodriguez during the EVOLUTION film shooting. The brothers tell about their flying history, inventing new maneuvers, the best training spot of the planet and much more!
Worth listen to for all pilot!

Extreme landing with 12m2 Thriller :-)

Back in 2011 at AcroJam, Hallstättersee, Austria.

Drinking Red Bull while Infinity Tumbling

Funny footage made in 2009, drinking a RedBull E-Shot during a one-handed Infinity Tumbling.
Outside camera: Gábor Kézi

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Red Bull Nitro Circus Live in Vienna

I had the chance to watch the Nitro Circus on its European Tour for the first time in my life. No words...sick stuff !!!
The American and Austrian riders pulled out an amazing show: wheelchair (!) Front-Flip on the huge kicker, BMX Triple Back-Flip, FMX Double Backflip, 17 people in the air back-flipping at the "same" time...
And...not one single crash! Respect!
I stay in Vienna one more night to watch the show again tonight and then go out to afterparty with all the athletes! :-)

My first big presentation...

My very first public presentation in the Corvin Cinema is behind me. It took place during the Reel Rock extreme sport film festival in Budapest. I talked about life as a professional athlete, dangers and risk taking, adrenalin dependence, accidents and recovery...
I was pretty nervous, but finally it went well, got many positive feedback and feel like making more presentations in the future both in English and German as well!

One of the biggeset Hungarian channels, RTL Klub also made a nice interview with me. Watch here:

in Hungary...

Since a week I am in Hungary at my parent's place, spending some time with family, having some meetings, but mostly working on the computer on a never ending to-do list...Somehow the more I work and think about things, finally the more work I have to deal with...
Looking at the little hills here I get the feeling that I want to go out there and fly, play around at the small take-offs with top-landings and other games. It's just such a different way of flying that doesn't really exist in the Alps and now I start to realize that I'm actually missing it! It's funny!

R.I.P. - Antoine Montant

Time is flying fast...On the 23rd of October it will turn to be 1 year already since Antoine has passed away...
I dedicate this video is to his family and friends. An interview with Antoine filmed in 2007. He talks about his passions, sports, playing on the edge...
The interview was filmed by András Kollmann and is part of the Adrenaline and Turbulence DVD in the 'extras' section.

My new product: the 'EXIT' harness

A new product called 'EXIT' is about to be released. The 'EXIT' is made to serve BASE jumpers and sky-divers to perform cut-away jumps even from their own paraglider, safely! It will even allow jumpers to use it whilst wearing their tracking suit or even wingsuit (small modification wingsuits might be necessarily).

Watch this sample video of me performing such a jump from my own paraglider using a Vampire3 wingsuit, last September.