My first wingsuit BASE jump

The real human flying begins :-)
24.09.2011 Monte Brento, Italy

Probably the first ever solo paragliding wingsuit cutaway BASE jump.

Flying a Vampire 3 suit cutting-off from an acro paraglider above lake Garda. Practicing for a nearby jump here ;-)

Pal is the world's best acro pilot - the 2011 World Cup season is finished

Hungary is officially acro superpower!
On Sunday at the Ossiachersee in Austria the last solo and synchro tasks of Acro Austria World Cup were completed and with that the 2011 World Cup Tour has ended.
Adding up all the task results of Acroludeniz, Paranoia and Acro Austria competitions, Hungarian pilots became World Cup Champions 2011 in all 3 categories!

With 189 points Pál Takáts won the 2011 season having an enormous advantage of 63 points in front of Argentinian Hernan Pittoco (126 points) and French Tim Alongi (124 points) who just missed to become second with 2 points. Francois Ragolski came fourth and 3-times winner Horacio Llorens fifth. The first women is Grillmayer Alexandra ("Szasza").

In synchro justACRO Team (Pál Takáts, Gábor Kézi) placed first after performing the first ever successful synchro Esfera in competition history.

Sonchaux Acro Show - Pal finished 3rd

Last weekend the sky above the Geneva Lake got fully packed with action again! For the second time a new kind of competition was organized, but as the name of the event also says it is more like an exciting show for the public mixed up with all sort of flying demos like airplanes, base jumping, sky-diving, speed-flying, hang-gliding and paragliding acro.
The acro comp consists of the so-called "Battles" which is basically a simple direct elimination system where 2 pilots fly out at the same time and fight against each other.

The Wing Load Research Vol. 2

24 m2 U-Turn Thriller with 3,9 kg/m2

Works for Infinity!

Updated 2011 World Cup Ranking after 2 events

Rank Pilot World Cup Points Nation
1 Pal Takats 148 HUN
2 Hernan Pitocco 98 ARG
3 Tim Alongi 93 FRA
4 Jeremy Bailly 90 FRA
5 Francois Ragolski 81 FRA
6 Xandi Meschuh 64 AUT
7 Horacio Llorens 59 ESP
8 Lino Oehl 47 GER
9 Felix Rodriguez 46 ESP
10 Gabor Kezi 42 HUN

For every flown run a pilot get World Cup Points until the 12th place.

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Points 25 20 15 12 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1

The next and last World Cup event of the season is coming up in Austria the last weekend of August!

Acrobatixx 2011 World Cup - Jeremy Bailly wins, Pál second, Tim third

I finished second on the Paranoia Acrobatixx in Zell am See and secured my leading position in the World Cup Ranking!

Final results, TOP 3:

1. Jeremy Bailly (FRA, 418,6 pts.)

2. Pál Takáts (HUN, 413,4 pts.)

3. Tim Alongi (FRA, 405,3 pts.)

Read the justACRO reports about the event

Paranoia Acrobatixx 2011: First day

Second day: French guys continue to kick ass!

Acrobatixx 2011 - Jeremy Bailly wins, Pál second, Tim third, Pitocco misses the podium in last moment

Updated FAI Acrobatics World Ranking

The current world ranking has been updated with the latest results of the first World Cup in Ölüdeniz.

Click to see the complete Aerobatics Paragliding World Ranking

Current Top 10:
1. Pál Takáts (Hungary, 358,8 points)
2. Horacio Llorens (Spain 346,7 points)
3. Hernán Pitocco (Argentina, 300,7 points)
4. Raul Rodriguez (Spain, 275,3 points)
5. Félix Rodriguez (Spain, 271,4 points)
6. Gábor Kézi (Hungary, 258,6 points)
7. Remo Niederer (Switzerland, 238,9 points)
8. Cyril Planton (France, 215,8 points)
9. Marvin Ogger (Germany, 214,3 points)
10. Alexander Meschuh (Austria, 212,7 points)