A life changing experience...

The last couple of months had been pretty hard for me and also my beloved ones...On the 9th of March I made a small mistake that nearly ended my life. I had unbelievable luck to make it out of this, thanks to my protecting angels. While I was sleeping in coma, I dreamed with friends who already died years ago, like they were about to welcome me in the afterlife...Scary stuff!

But no, my time has not yet come and life gave me a chance to return. And not just that, but I will be able to do everything in the future, as before. But from now definitely with a very, very different mentality.

My accident and the past months taught me lot of things, some of which I'm still just about to discover now. I learned a lot about myself and people. Both in positive and negative ways. I learned to cry. To be honest and to love. Learned that no stunt is worth to take the risk of dying just to impress friends or the entire world. That there is nothing more important then health, life, to be happy and to make people happy around you.
Life gave me a second chance to re-start. To re-think, to re-judge. Many of my friends were not that lucky...But I'm alive, not handicapped, didn't get stuck in a wheelchair and I was already able to go to the toilet on my own less then a month after the accident.

My body is healing well and I'm feeling better and better every day. Since the beginning of June I am walking on my own (without sticks) and lately I was already hiking for 4-5 hours, up and downhill on difficult terrain. I biked a lot, rock-climbed and even kite-surfed a few times! I will be back in the air, flying soon. I will continue to work for my goals, to satisfy my sponsors and to make exciting projects, but I might set my priorities in a different order than earlier.

Thanks to you for all the positive energy you sent towards me, it really helped! Thanks to my family for everything! Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who blindly supported me all the way through the darkest time of my life and later opened my eyes up in many ways!
Thank you!

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