Little nostalgia at the RedBull X-Alps 2013 race start

Just came back from Salzburg! The RedBull X-Alps 2013 is on! It was cool to meet all the athletes and cheer for them as they kicked off the race from downtown Salzburg and then the take-off at Gaisberg. Good luck, a good race, a great adventure and soft landings for all!!!
Follow them live:

Spleene-Kiteboarding shooting by Angela Trawoeger

Check out the pictures here!

Just received some epic shots from Angela Trawoeger of our shooting at Lago di Garda! It was amazing to ride right in front of the castle of Malcesine! Visit her websites: and

Also thanks to Fede from PowerSkull kite school for the technical support and teaching!

And of course Spleene-Kiteboarding to support me with their awesome kites and boards! Yeeaa! :-)

Conditions like today and good luck for all X-Alps participants!

Just came back from an amazing flight, crossing the big Karwendel chain twice with high cloudbase! Cross country flying is so freakin' risky sometimes when you leave the classic routes...
I wish many days like today for the upcoming weeks for all RedBull X-Alps participants! Safe landings and enjoy the race!

FOLLOW the athletes LIVE from Sunday on at:

Acro Show in the Stubai valley

Last weekend I performed a private acro show for a small group of happy spectators flying in the skies of the Stubai valley in Austria!
Thanks to Ingo and the Hotel Alpeiner for the kind invitation, I had a great time!

Infected acro champions!

With Raúl, Fred, Horacio, Herminio and Félix on the exit of Monte Brento yesterday morning! For the first time, 4 acro champions together on a BASE exit, seems like we all got well "infected". A real Acro-Base boogie, what a nice surprise! The guys are working on the "Los Rodriguez" film about the whole flying family, really looking forward to see it!

And how was your day?

On the exit of Monte Brento seconds before the 3 of us dropping in. Standing there, despite all the feelings and emotions striking through the mind, the key is to keep them under control, stay calm, and 100% focused. Feel confident or walk away! I think such moments would be worth a physiological study!

Afterwards even managed to throw an epic 2 hours kite session in Campione with all my brand new toys from Spleene. The gear is awesome and I even managed to perform some new tricks and make a nice progression! Can't wait to continue!

Today is Christmas day!

The postman just dropped these 2 boxes from Spleene! Inside the brand new collection: 9m2 and 12m2 SP-X II kites with 3 different boards :-)
It feels like Christmas, so let's quickly pack up and hit the road back down to Garda! Can't wait to ride the new toys!!!
Thank you Spleene!!!

A dream day at Garda - Pál's diary, Episode 3.

Lake Garda, where the dream comes true :-)

Smoke-on Istanbul

Just returned from Istanbul where I successfully performed the first big aerobatics display of the season, during the 3. Red Bull Flugtag!
Seeing the 20-million citizen capital from the above flying a paramotor was an incredible experience!
Special thanks to Nirvana Paramotors and Fenomen Airsports for the technical support to make this happen!
Find "love" in the picture :-)

Show @ RedBull Flugtag in Istanbul

This Sunday (26.05.) I will perform a paramotor aerobatics show during the RedBull Flugtag in Istanbul! Come, watch and meet me there!
Click here to visit the website of the event (Turkish).