Interview in the Sport TV Channel

Filmed where my flying career began, talking about the past, present, future, world cup victory, sports, risk taking and personal emotions...
Hungarian spoken with English subtitles.

G-Force Trainer record run: 1min 45s under 7.5 G load!

Last year I went to check test out the G-Force Trainer in Austria. I ended up setting a new record of the machine that still stands and probably will stay for a while ;-)

Portrait of Pál Takáts in Bucaramanga, Colombia

During my 2011 South-American winter trip I spent a week in Bucaramanga at my friend's Leito Rey's home site, flying some acro.
Bucaramanga is a low, but great site to practice acro over ground. Like a mini Organyá :-)

The clip was filmed and edited by Hector Cordoba in March 2011.

An invitation to my Youtube channel :-)

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Esfera World Record - 4 times in a row

Warning! You are about to get dizzy :-)
Bored of Infinity Tumbling records? Esfera is here! :-)
4 times in a row from an altitude of 1000 meters over water.
April 2011, Malcesine, Italy

EVOLUTION - in modern acro paragliding

A short film about the evolution in acro paragliding. Interviewing the pioneers of the sport about the good old times and introduces the „new-school" style with the latest moves and inventions of Pal Takats.

For the first time, officially presenting brand new acro tricks (so-called „multi connections") invented in 2011 such as the:
the „Joker",
Read about the new tricks here.

Produced by: & Pal Takats

Dragon Flyer - Pal Takats extreme kite flying in Chile

Pal Takats flying a 12m2 Spleene SPX tube kite in turbulent, thermal conditions in the Atacama desert. The big flight took 2 minutes from a height of around 600 meters over the landing place.

Instructional Acro Tandem Flight with Pal Takats - learning Wing-Over and SAT

Acro tandem coaching with the special double brake system - the safest and most effective way to learn maneuvers with a paraglider!
The instructor gives live, in-flight commands to the student and only touches the brakes to help him to get the right "feeling" or to stabilize the glider.

Tandem Acro Paragliding with Pál Takáts
Acrobatic tandem flight with Pál Takáts World Cup Champion. 'SENSATION' fun flight - just sit back and enjoy. Ready to be the next? Click on the link above! :-)