Desert sunrise - paramotor infinity

During my visit to the United Arab Emirates in March I had the chance to film this little action, thanks to Brooke Whatnall and the Skyhub Paramotor School!
Using Flyproducts Rider Acro with paramotor with Cors- Air Black Devil engine. Glider. Ozone Trickster 17m2.

Landing on the summit of Marmolada!

A long awaited dream came true! :)

My first Infinity Tumbling with a paramotor!

This is why I choose to fly FlyProducts!
Here is my second experimental flight with the brand new FlyProducts Rider-Acro paramotor with Cors-Air Motors Black Devil M25Y engine! Huge thanks to FlyProducts and Cors-Air for providing this top gear and the Malaguita brothers for the motivation and positive vibes to help me through this! Currently there are only the 3 of them in the world who regularly perform Infinity Tumbling and other high-level aerobatics tricks with a paramotor on their back as the tool to take-off and gain altitude!

The FlyProducts Rider-Acro is a high-quality, reinforced paramotor specially designed for aerobatics that was developed by the hard work and testing of Manu Malaguita PPG Acro expert together with Flyproducts. I had to locate my testicles to perform this for the first time but at the end I trusted my own skills and the equipment itself. I flew my "regular" 17m2 Ozone Trickster with 2 reserves and a take-off weight of roughly estimated 110 kg!!! It was very fast and therefore not the safest so next time I will try with 20m2.
For your own safety please DO NOT TRY tricks like this with a paramotor UNLESS YOU ARE A PRO!

Location: Lake Garda
Tricks: Full-Stall, Esfera, Wing-Over, Helicopter
Glider: Ozone Trickster 17m2

Kandahar Ski World Cup 2015

Uncut show flight over Garmisch-Partenkirchen, jumping out of a helicopter and landing in the finish :)

14th FAI Paragliding World Championships

Returned from my very first Paragliding World Championships in distance flying! This is a video summary of my stunning experiences in the skies Roldanillo, Colombia. 10 incredible tasks flying with the world's best pilots and learning so much! I finished rank 55 out of 148 which is fine having made some really big mistakes here. After racing a few times from last summer on I am now fully in love with cross country competitions! So much to learn and this is a great motivator! Big ups to my sponsor Ozone Paragliders making it possible to for me to race with the best material out there! Really looking forward to more comps this year!

Fun times in Qatar !!!

What an incredible finish of the year!!!
One week in Qatar as a guest of the Qatar Air Sports Committee in great company of warmly welcoming local pilots and fellow Ozone athletes and friends! Lot's of paramotor flying, dune soaring, parachute jumps and as a grand finish, 2 air-shows on the Qatari national day!
Many many thanks to the QASC and Ozone paragliders!

Master Acro - announcement!

Master Acro - the right way!
In association with I am announcing the production of an aerobatics paragliding instructional film. Expected release date: spring 2015.
Stay tuned at:

Interview at the PWC Krushevo

Philippe Broers interviews the acro guys, me and Richard Gallon.

Is this a thermal?

Excellent low-pressure conditions to try my new Enzo2 and set up the speed-system of the Exoceat harness. Right on time, just one day to go till the comp begins in Macedonia :)

XXLite video

Finally managed to edit the shots of my first XXLite flight from end of Mai. What a cool wing!
Thanks Ozone Paragliders to be the most innovative brand of this sport!