A bloody spring - Pál's diary, Episode 2, Part I.

My video diary of March 2013 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Operation - Pál's diary, Episode 2, Part II.

Attention, disturbing content! Surgery to remove the hardware from me!

Australia - Pál's diary, Episode 1

The first episode of Pál's diary from "down under"! Enjoy!

Pál's diary - the announcement

Let the adventure begin! Follow my everyday life in "Pál's Diary"! :-)

Me interviewing Raúl and Félix Rodriguez during EVOLUTION film shooting

Me interviewing Raúl and Félix Rodriguez during the EVOLUTION film shooting. The brothers tell about their flying history, inventing new maneuvers, the best training spot of the planet and much more!
Worth listen to for all pilot!

Extreme landing with 12m2 Thriller :-)

Back in 2011 at AcroJam, Hallstättersee, Austria.

Drinking Red Bull while Infinity Tumbling

Funny footage made in 2009, drinking a RedBull E-Shot during a one-handed Infinity Tumbling.
Outside camera: Gábor Kézi

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R.I.P. - Antoine Montant

Time is flying fast...On the 23rd of October it will turn to be 1 year already since Antoine has passed away...
I dedicate this video is to his family and friends. An interview with Antoine filmed in 2007. He talks about his passions, sports, playing on the edge...
The interview was filmed by András Kollmann and is part of the Adrenaline and Turbulence DVD in the 'extras' section.

EVOLUTION - action part

The action part of the short documentary "EVOLUTION" filmed by Ahstudio in 2011, presenting the latest acro paragliding tricks developed by Pál Takáts.
Music by Irie Maffia - Lonesome Cowboy. Listen: