Playing in finest Hungarian conditions with an Ultralight3

Flying in Hungary is mostly tricky, but when it is good, it is still the best fun ever! Living in the Alps I was missing this kind of playing very much but 2 days ago I managed to catch this sunset at 'Csolnok' just right! This is exactly the way how I learned to control my glider when I learned to fly there. The Ozone Paragliders Ultralight 3 21m2 turned out to be the best toy for this kind of playful flying! So much fun!!! Together with the Ozo harness it will always be in my travel bag that's for sure!

Summiting the Alpspitz in tandem

I very rarely do any 'normal' tandems but today had an incredible 1 hour flight with this lady and her Teddy bear! Up on cloudbase (~2800) over the Alpspitz peak! What a view!
I am totally in love with my Ozone Paragliders Mag2Lite tandem! great handling and best ever solo-wing-feeling I experienced so far!

Alpine climbing in the Dolomites...

A climbing stop on the way back home from a short visit at Lake Garda!
The route was up on Piz Ciavazes, 'Piccola Micheluzzi' (5-), a 9-pitch 290 meter climb with an intimidating descend back down traversing along the tight goat trail in the middle of the cliff face :)
Great that I just bought stoppers and friends in Arco...I really needed them to secure my butt leading this line! I am definitely afraid of this type of adrenaline - barely having bolts in the wall through most pitches...

Circumnavigating the Zugspitze on an Ozone Rush4 paraglider

Nice to be back home! Today I managed to try my new Ozone Rush4 and circumnavigated the Zugspitze for the first time! I really like my new toy, great handling and performance! This will be my perfect relaxed-late-afternoon-XC-machine!

Hi from RB Air Race Malaysia

Getting ready for demo flights in Putrajaya, Malaysia!

EXIT cutaway harness in action

Friend Chris Espen using my EXIT Harness for a jump during a video shooting.
Get your own personal exit:

Paraglider tandem acro test flight gone bad - spectacular incident

One of the top3 sketchiest moments of my paragliding career, from 2010! Hopefully it will never happen to you!
The 3rd ever aerobatics tandem test flight with the first U-Turn 'Twin Force' prototype gone terribly bad when all 'A', 'B' and 'C' upper gallery lines snapped under 6 G load of the Infinite Tumbling maneuver. The canopy itself however remained perfectly undamaged.
At the end of the video U-Turn's designer Ernst Strobl tells facts and figures how he already reinforced this very first prototype to stand the load of 10G (!) but despite the large safety margin this incident happened. We never figured how this is physically possible that all those lines snapped instantly together with barely any delay whatsoever. The final product is now built twice as strong as the first one and since then there were absolutely no more issues with the strength of the wing.

Pilot: Pál Takáts
Co-Pilot. Gábor Kézi
Wing: U-Turn Twin Force
Date: 19.05.2010
Location: Ölüdeniz, Turkey

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