Best MacTwist to Heli ever :-)

Best MacTwist to Heli ever! It is sooooooo much fun with the new Thriller X3! :-)

Tommaso's first paragliding lesson :-)

Giving my little buddy Tommaso (8) his first groundhandling experience! It went awesome!

Evolution 100k+

The "Evolution" acro documentary just hit 100.000+ video clicks! You are awesome, thank you so much!
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A perfect day :-)

Yesterday was awesome with the first kite session of the year with my 9m2 Spleene SP-X, followed by with 2 acro flights!

Getting busy the right way!

Sooorrry guys, but haven't been able to put the April diary together...I made video footage but all my month was just terribly busy, however not in a spectacular way, if you know what I mean...In a nutshell: I moved from Switzerland to Germany and there was a lot of work with this (and still). But since 2 days I'm in Italy at Lake Garda testing my new Thriller X3's and refreshing my wingsuit flying skills and giving good advises! ;-)

Yesterday night I set up a lovely little storage for all my toys here, using the leftovers frames from home, looking lovely now!


Yesterday was a great flying day at Brauneck, so got the new Thriller X3's out of the bag! Finally, the nature is getting colorized too!

Flyable today?

Is it flyable am Brauneck? I wanna throw down some tricks with my new X3!!!

Finally, a new storage :-)

My new storage is built and ready to fill! But does it going to fit all my gear? :-)

A bloody spring - Pál's diary, Episode 2, Part I.

My video diary of March 2013 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.