Getting busy the right way!

Sooorrry guys, but haven't been able to put the April diary together...I made video footage but all my month was just terribly busy, however not in a spectacular way, if you know what I mean...In a nutshell: I moved from Switzerland to Germany and there was a lot of work with this (and still). But since 2 days I'm in Italy at Lake Garda testing my new Thriller X3's and refreshing my wingsuit flying skills and giving good advises! ;-)

Yesterday night I set up a lovely little storage for all my toys here, using the leftovers frames from home, looking lovely now!

Just getting to know my new 17m2 X3 and after 5 flights I'm already having stunning experiences. I can feel great potential in the wing, I just don't know yet if I even got the balls to want to explore them all...hehe. The spot is busier I've ever seen as there are 5 safety trainings running on this long weekend...

Had my first B.A.S.E. after an 8 month break yesterday, and it turned out to be an awesome 1 minute flight from Monte Brento. And I even got to work on my anti-twisting skills for a while, but maybe better to call it simply a fight to out-twist. Thanks for packing my parachute in advance James, it was not your fault obviously.

Can't wait to go kite-surfing in the morning...and I promise that you will see a nice May-Diary! :-)

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