Stubai Cup 2014

The Stubai Cup paragliding testival last weekend witnessed incredible weather and hundreds of pilots enjoying great flying conditions!
I performed 3 acro shows per day of which some in tandem, giving my passengers a good adrenaline rush! Thanks to the Parafly crew for the nice organization for the 23rd time!

I am happy to introduce you my new web-shop!
It is a great feeling to know that my products will be there with you in many exciting and happy moments!
Have fun!

EXIT cutaway harness in action

Friend Chris Espen using my EXIT Harness for a jump during a video shooting.
Get your own personal exit:

Alpspitz ascent!

Nice morning excercise! Climbed the Alpspitz (2628m) North-Face and flew down for the first time
Nice company with the Empire Freeski Team!
More pictures here

Loonie Bissonnette

Meeting and sharing experiences with Lonnie Bissonnette Canadian paralyzed BASE jumper who despite all is still living for his beloved sport! Pretty inspiring!
Thanks for the nice afternoon mate!

A man's day out!

The perfect ending of a perfect day riding off-piste with friends!

Thanks to Ricky and Nici for showing us around in Zürs, and James for taking this shot!

What an incredible playground!

'Random' video series - 2nd Episode

Probably my favorite episode of this shooting session! Paramotoring!

'Random' video series - 1st Episode

So guys here I present the first episode of my little video series with Ahstudio and EpicTV! We spent one awesome week doing different sport activities Southern-France in the region of Lozére! In tthis part we went canyoning and for the first time in my life I had to face my fears of jumping off cliffs without a parachute! It is much worse than BASE!! :-))

How much further shall we push the limits...?

Youtube & Co. are awesome but at the same time so damn dangerous! Nowadays everything is filmed, everybody can see everybody's latest crazy stunt. Each time a little bit lower, faster, closer...We, human beings tend to overestimate our abilities time to time. People watching these countless examples of extraordinary people doing extraordinary (+dangerous) things really does push many to try something themselves that they are not yet capable of...GoPro cameras are one of the greatest innovation in modern filming technology and it is the best tool to learn and progress as an athlete.