Desert sunrise - paramotor infinity

During my visit to the United Arab Emirates in March I had the chance to film this little action, thanks to Brooke Whatnall and the Skyhub Paramotor School!
Using Flyproducts Rider Acro with paramotor with Cors- Air Black Devil engine. Glider. Ozone Trickster 17m2.

Landing on the summit of Marmolada!

A long awaited dream came true! :)

Welcoming FlyProducts and Cors-Air Motors!

I just started the cooperation with two Italian companies: Fly Products paramotor brand and Cors-Air Motors manufacturer. They will be my partners in the field of paramotor flying hopefully for many years coming ahead!
I am also very happy to be in the same team with Manu Malaguita Tejeiro who is one of the very few experts in performing high-level acrobatics with a paramotor. Together with Fly Products they developed an acro-suitable paramotor design called Rider Acro. I am flying exactly the same configuration as him that is equipped with a 175 cc Black Devil engine which is the perfect compromise between weight and performance.
Thank you Fly Products and Cors-Air for having me on-board!

9th place at Trofeo Montegrappa!

I participated in the Trofeo Montegrappa, a traditional cross country competition in Bassano, Italy! It was my first visit to this well known flying spot that I heard so much of during my flying career so it was nice to get to know the place right during a race! Having the entire French National Team, the best Italian, Slovenian and many other international top pilots the level of the competition was just as high or even stronger then some Paragliding World Cup events.

Kandahar Ski World Cup 2015

Uncut show flight over Garmisch-Partenkirchen, jumping out of a helicopter and landing in the finish :)

New home-base: Innsbruck, Austria

I am proudly announcing that I grounded a new home-base in Innsbruck Austria to live here in the upcoming years! So I am becoming a Tirolean now! :)
So stoked about my decision and the luck I had in finding a suitable nice flat fairly quickly. I am not a city-lover at all but Innsbruck is different! With every visit in the recent times I was falling in love with the atmosphere more and more that finally lead to my decision. Big thanks to all my friends for their support! I must honestly say that I didn't feel this happy for a very long time now! Unfortunately, on the other hand the happenings of the past months were holding me completely back from progressing with the Master Acro film project...Sorry but there is a big delay to expect in the release date. Peace!

Kandahar Ski World Cup

On the 1st of March I had the chance to perform an aerobatics demo at the Kandahar Ski World Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. What made this show even more special that the wind conditions allowed me to land in the tight arena of the race finish and be cheered by hundreds of spectators. It felt like being in a real circus, what an powerful experience!
Thanks to the Flying Bulls, RedBull and the SkiClub GaPa to make this happen!

Paramotor display in Abu Dhabi @ Red Bull Air Race

I was very happy to get the chance to perform a paramotor demo on the first stop off the 2015 Redbull Air Race season! After Croatia and Malaysia it was the third such event for me in one year. It is always a very unique experience to be able to fly at locations where you normally could not be flying legally! Being at 500 meters over ground looking at the top floors of some buildings at eye height is not an every day experience! For the first time I was flying a show with a 100 meter long ribbon tape that was great fun and offers nice visuals for the spectators.

14th FAI Paragliding World Championships

Returned from my very first Paragliding World Championships in distance flying! This is a video summary of my stunning experiences in the skies Roldanillo, Colombia. 10 incredible tasks flying with the world's best pilots and learning so much! I finished rank 55 out of 148 which is fine having made some really big mistakes here. After racing a few times from last summer on I am now fully in love with cross country competitions! So much to learn and this is a great motivator!