Hungarian - Ukrainian Open Task2

Yesterday 62km task was set with huge cylinder radius because widespread cloud cover was expected. Eventually the shade came in...I took off as very first but 130 pilots did not...3 made goal despite huge shady zones on the course! I was 18 km short...Discussion is still going on if the task will be valid or not...
Today was a bit task.

Krusevo, Hungarian-Ukrainian Open Task1

The first (~66) km long task completed today! I got to goal as third overall and first Hungarian. Results will follow tonight at some point at the comps website.

Is this a thermal?

Excellent low-pressure conditions to try my new Enzo2 and set up the speed-system of the Exoceat harness. Right on time, just one day to go till the comp begins in Macedonia :)

Hungarian Championships

This Friday I am heading to Macedonia for the first time in my life. The Hungarian Paragliding Championships together with the Ukrainian Champs will take place there right before the World Cup event at the same spot in Krushevo. Hopefully I will also be able to compete in the World Cup but it hasn't been confirmed yet...
I am really looking forward to fly my entirely new XC setup. In consists of a cutting edge ENZO2 and an Exoceat harness, designed by Ozone. Can't wait!

XXLite video

Finally managed to edit the shots of my first XXLite flight from end of Mai. What a cool wing!
Thanks Ozone Paragliders to be the most innovative brand of this sport!

Playing in finest Hungarian conditions with an Ultralight3

Flying in Hungary is mostly tricky, but when it is good, it is still the best fun ever! Living in the Alps I was missing this kind of playing very much but 2 days ago I managed to catch this sunset at 'Csolnok' just right! This is exactly the way how I learned to control my glider when I learned to fly there. The Ozone Paragliders Ultralight 3 21m2 turned out to be the best toy for this kind of playful flying! So much fun!!! Together with the Ozo harness it will always be in my travel bag that's for sure!

Walchensee kite session

Been 3 times at my local kite-spot Walchensee so far but haven't really catched full on conditions yet..But still, today's session was good enough to make me sleep well!
Been riding a 12m2 Spleene SP-X II and a Spleene Monster Door board.

650 km in 28 hours of airtime!

I had 5 of the finest days in a row I ever experienced for cross country paragliding in the Alps! I participated in the Austrian National Championships and competed against a strongly skilled field flying huge tasks from Kössen through 4 days! Funnily some others flew 2-3x of our declared task distances breaking world records big time in the exact same area (325 km FAI triangle! in a 12 hours flight). Anyway I was still very happy to be in the comp and learned a lot from it! I was flying an Enzo1 for the first 2 and an Enzo2 for the second 2 tasks.

Summiting the Alpspitz in tandem

I very rarely do any 'normal' tandems but today had an incredible 1 hour flight with this lady and her Teddy bear! Up on cloudbase (~2800) over the Alpspitz peak! What a view!
I am totally in love with my Ozone Paragliders Mag2Lite tandem! great handling and best ever solo-wing-feeling I experienced so far!