9th place at Trofeo Montegrappa!

I participated in the Trofeo Montegrappa, a traditional cross country competition in Bassano, Italy! It was my first visit to this well known flying spot that I heard so much of during my flying career so it was nice to get to know the place right during a race! Having the entire French National Team, the best Italian, Slovenian and many other international top pilots the level of the competition was just as high or even stronger then some Paragliding World Cup events. After 3 nice tasks and not making a big error I was proudly landing on the 9th overall place also scoring well (81.4 points thanks to the high quality of the comp) in CIVL World Ranking where I climbed to the 44th position. I am deeply in love and addicted to XC racing now and can't wait to compete again! So much fun and always so much to learn!

Find the track logs here: http://www.xcontest.org/world/en/my-flights/
Results: http://www.trofeomontegrappa.it/articolo/parapendio-paragliding/42-class...
CIVL World Ranking: http://civlrankings.fai.org/?a=312&ladder_id=3&

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