Vasárnapi Blikk - Zuhanóbalett a levegőben

An article in the biggest hungarian boulvard magazine about acro paragliding, the justACRO Team and their achievements.

Magyar Narancs - Reális kockázatkezelés

An article presenting acrobatics paragliding through the justACRO Team (former Soft Landing Acro Team) and their achievements.

Echo TV - Tükör

Interview with Pál and Gábor.

Origin - Supernatural Sports Magazine - Pál Takáts

Along a bunch of extreme sports and sportmans this big-format magazine introduces Pál and tells about how he exploded the competition scene as a newcomer.

Hanggliding and Paragliding Magazine - Front cover

Pál upside down in an Infinity Tumbling on the front cover of the american freeflying magazine.

ESPN Brasil - Brasil Acro Tour

justACRO Team's video clip of brasil in the ESPN television.
Watch the original clip here.

ESPN Brasil - Brazil Acro Tour part II. - TV edit

A video clip which went down in the ESPN Brasil Television.
Edited by Fabio Fava.

Outdoor Sport - ACRO - Lábunk alatt az ernyő

An article in the most popular hungarian extreme sport magazine about acro paragliding, the justACRO Team and the competitions.

Video - Brasil Acro Tour part I. - Florianopolis

justACRO Team flying with friends in Brasil on the island of Florianopolis.

This clip went down in the ESPN Brasi Sport Television.

A tribuna, Vitória - Gringos dao show no céu

Acro show in Brazil, close to Vitória (ES).

DVD - Flying the Holy Land

The justACRO Team's first big self-produced film, a 25 minutes long promotional movie made for APCO Aviation in Israel.

In 2007 the DVD was inside the aug/sept issue of the Cross Country, the world's most popular international paragliding magazine.

Watch the INTRO of the film

Szinkronban - Madártoll

An article presenting the justACRO (this time called SoftLanding) Team and its achievements in the Hungarian Freeflying Magazine.

Video - Over the clouds

A 7 minutes clip about the justACRO Team with footages from 2006 made for the XAFT hungarian extreme sport film festival (won 2nd place).
Sessions: winter acro training in Hungary by hot-air balloon D-bagging, training session in Organyá preparing for the competitions, emergency situations, and competitions.

Over the clouds from Ricou on Vimeo.

Sport - Ernyővel a nagy víz felett

Video - AcroTour 2006 - Synchro Session

Synchro aerobatics flying performed by the former Soft Landing Acro Team.
Training session in Organya, Spain.

Video - AcroTour 2006 - In the canopy

Pal Takats falls into his wing after a badly executed Tumbling and opens his reserve.
Training session in Organya, Spain. - introduces the new paragliding acro portal. - - Acro Website introduces the new paragliding acro portal.

Video - justACRO 2005

The Team`s first bigger video clip with advanced acro moves.

justACRO 2005 from justACRO on Vimeo.

Outdoor Sport - Soft Landing Acro Jam

An article about the first hungarian acro meeting and friendly competition in 2004.
This was a milestone in the story of the justACRO Team, where Gábor and Pál decided to participate in their first real international competition.