Tandem Acro - first commercial Infinity Tumbling with Pal Takats

The world's first ever commercial Infinity Tumbling tandem flight.
Ölüdeniz, Türkey, October 2010.

Esfera – new acro maneuver

(Esfera is a spanish word that means „sphere”, „globe”, „ball”.)
At the time of the invention of the Infinity Tumbling maneuver (Raúl Rodriguez, 2005) a new vision was also born: if it's possible to build up a horizontally rotating SAT into a straight vertical movement (Rythmic-SAT to Infinity) it might be also possible to come back down into a SAT again to the other side! But how to do this "Anti-Rythmic" and work down the angle from Infinity without loosing all the energy in an anyway extremely sensitive maneuver?! In the past 5-6 years these thoughts and theory ran through the minds of all the world's top acro pilots.
After 1 year of testing and experimenting over water, on the 22nd of October 2010 in Ölüdeniz (Turkey) I managed the first ever successful execution of the "Anti-Rythmic" coming down to a SAT from Infinity. 2 days after the dream of "Esfera" came true - the complete maneuver that starts with a SAT and ends in a SAT but turning to the opposite direction, linked with the vertical Infinity in the middle: making a whole turn around the „sphere”!

1st Parabatix Sky Race

In September 2010 an old dream of the paramotor world came true! A completely new style of competition that brakes out from the rigid format of the old-school paramotor competitions. After years of trying to convince the FAI to mix up the boring tasks with such challenging games, Pascal Campbell-Jones finally decided to organize this event himself and Parabatix was born.

The first test-event was held in the beginning of September in South-France, close to Montauban where 14 of the world's best ppg competition pilots got together (including multiplae world and national champions).

AcroAustria - World Cup in acro paradise

After 8 years of competing and being a professional pilot, Alexander "Xandi" Meschuh - seeing the dying down competition scene last year - decided to organize an event at his lovely home site, the Gerlitzen. From his own experiences Xandi knew very well what the pilots need to be happy, satisfied and to be able to enjoy a competition:
a nice location with good infrastructure, a place for the people to stay and to be all together and last but not least, food (this is supposed to be the minimum but unfortunately even this is missing at many events).

World's first ever Tandem Infinity Tumbling - THE STORY

The idea of performing the Infinity Tumbling with a passenger has probably flashed through the mind of all the acro pilots who already mastered this ultimate figure. Just like me and Gábor who started to dream about this a few years ago...
It was obvious that there is a big safety issue and that the right material will take extreme importance to succeed. Our glider that time, the Morpheus was a true Infinity machine but even way too aggressive and violent, did not seemed to be the ideal wing for that. After a brainstorming session together with U-Turn's designer Ernst Strobl back at the end of 2007, the plans of the Thriller was borned. The first prototype already proved that as we expected this canopy with it's softer, easier handling and still great dynamics might be the right toy for this project.


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