The Wing Load Research - Intro

Wing Load Research - an upcoming investigation to find out the real limits of nowadays best acro glider, the Thriller from U-Turn.
I'm going to test out the different sizes one by on while flying them on extremely high and low wing loadings, between 3,6 and 7,6 kg/m2 !!!
The main goal is of course...performing Infinity Tumbling with all the sizes! :-)

With the help of Marvin today we opened up all my 7 wings (12.5, 17, 18, 20, 24, 26 and 31 m2) to check out the real differences, it looked so sick ! :-) Marvin even made a tiny flight from the bottom of the training hill of his uncle's flying school in Unterwössen.

Playing at the coast - Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

Soaring fun with a high performance U-Turn 2-liner.

Pal Takats puts a hardcore glider under hardcore testing

Test flight with one of U-Turn's 2 liner competition prototypes (project still in progress).
Big frontal and asymmetric collapses, cravatte, stall, spin....
Due to the rigid parts inside the canopy, the collapsing and opening behaviour is very different compared to the classical wings. We had to change a few things after this experience :-)

Esfera - new acro trick by Pal Takats

On the 25nd of October 2010 in Ölüdeniz, Pal Takats managed to perform a new maneuver called "Esfera" - the connection between SAT and SAT (the 2nd one turning to opposite direction!). The transition goes through a straight up Infinity Tumbling and afterwards "Anti-Rythmic" technique is used to work the angle back down.
The name "Esfera" is a spanish word that means: "sphere", "globe", "ball".
Pal was using the new U-Turn Thriller 2k11 (size 17 m2), that finally made this possible! The '11 is the very latest version of the glider that was slightly adjusted and reinforced as a result of one year's new experiences gained during the test-flights and the Tandem Infinity project.

ESFERA - new acro trick is born!

Just about 6 years have passed since Raul Rodriguez's greatest discovery the Infinity Tumbling. An unbelievable maneuver that nobody expected to be possible.
At the same time together with this invention a new dream was also born: if it is possible to build up a horizontally rotating SAT into a straight-up vertical movement (Rythmic-SAT to Infinity) it could also be possible to come back down into a SAT again to the other side!

But how?! How to do this "Anti-Rythmic" and work down the angle from Infinity without loosing massive amount of energy in an already extremely sensible movement, just working tight on its limits?!


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