The Wing Load Research Vol 1.: 12.5 m2 with 7,4 kg/m2

The first test flight of the Wing Load Research is successful done! Well, this was actually my second flight with the glider because I had to abort the first one when my helmet flew off (my mistake) and got entangled in the lines during the very first Rythmic SAT.

With my take-off weight of 93 kg the 12.5m2 has a trim speed of around 50 km/h under extremely high wing loading of 7,4 kg/m2!
The glider is super fast with extremely short and sensible brakes and violent reactions to any body movement. It works well dynamic moves, Rythmic SAT and Infinity but very difficult for the rest of the maneuvers, especially stalls and helicos. The G-Forces I measured during Infinity had maximum peaks of 7G which is actually the same what I am used to with 17m2.

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