Enjoying winter again!

After being totally sick for nearly 10 days, it is so nice to finally be able to enjoy such a beautiful day ski-touring near home!

Picture taken at Stuibenspitze.

Oh Snap! - Right This Minute

Interviewed by Right This Minute on this emergency situation in 2010.

Learning to fly the rigid stuff!

I am currently in Argentina visiting Swiss paragliding pioneer Andy Hediger at his airbase Aeroatelier. Having fun taking lessons with him introducing me to the world of rigid wings :)
Yesterday we had a 1 hour 40 minute flight on a Taurus sailplane. So stunned to feel and control the incredible performance of this thing!

Christmas climbing session

15 degrees today and perfect winter climbing conditions near home!
Great, but the mountain slopes urgently need some fresh snow now! :)

Thank you and best wishes!

I wish peaceful Christmas times and a happy, health and successful new year to everybody!

MANY THANKS my followers for your all your support, you guys rock!


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