Alpine climbing in the Dolomites...

A climbing stop on the way back home from a short visit at Lake Garda!
The route was up on Piz Ciavazes, 'Piccola Micheluzzi' (5-), a 9-pitch 290 meter climb with an intimidating descend back down traversing along the tight goat trail in the middle of the cliff face :)
Great that I just bought stoppers and friends in Arco...I really needed them to secure my butt leading this line! I am definitely afraid of this type of adrenaline - barely having bolts in the wall through most pitches...

Circumnavigating the Zugspitze on an Ozone Rush4 paraglider

Nice to be back home! Today I managed to try my new Ozone Rush4 and circumnavigated the Zugspitze for the first time! I really like my new toy, great handling and performance! This will be my perfect relaxed-late-afternoon-XC-machine!

RedBull Air Race - Malaysia

Another successful demo at the RedBull Air Race in Putrajaya, Malaysia! I was performing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in perfect low-wind conditions entertaining the crowd in between the race runs.
First visit to the country, unfortunately very short this time...very friendly people indeed! More pictures are coming up in the next issue of the paramotor magazine!

Photo: Németh Ákos

Hi from RB Air Race Malaysia

Getting ready for demo flights in Putrajaya, Malaysia!

Bavarian Championships

My first XC comp after a long while was the Bavarian Championships. I was flying an Enzo1 due to the current theatre around the Enzo2. There were 2 successful tasks despite the marginal weather forecast. On the first one I missed goal due to a fatal mistake at the last turnpoint, but managed goal in task 2. There is loads to learn! Waiting for my Enzo2 now :)


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