Bavarian Championships

My first XC comp after a long while was the Bavarian Championships. I was flying an Enzo1 due to the current theatre around the Enzo2. There were 2 successful tasks despite the marginal weather forecast. On the first one I missed goal due to a fatal mistake at the last turnpoint, but managed goal in task 2. There is loads to learn! Waiting for my Enzo2 now :)

Ready for the Bavarian Open!
After a few days at Lake Garda, today had the chance to fly my first XC from the Wank on an ENZO 1! What was expected to be a top-to-bottom glide turned out pretty awesome despite covering cirrus clouds! A perfect round trip with toplanding back up
On Thursday the Bavarian Open begins and I am at the start so fingers crossed for nice weather! Hope to see you there!

Show time in Rovinj

Pre-flight checking my Blackhawk paramotor before the demo flight on Saturday. The main event day is today and the wind seems to be perfect so far for dynamic low level maneuering! Smoke on at 16:23 at the RedBull Air Race!

Demos at Red Bull Air Race in Croatia

Smoke on! Paramotor demoing at the RedBull Air Race in Rovinj, Croatia today at 1 pm and tomorrow at 4:20pm! If you are around come to watch or say hi at Vrsar race airport!

Greetings from Chamonix!

Testing the new Ozone Trickster2 and filming together with Félix Rodriguez!


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