Getting some in Canada!

A week ago that I returned from my trip to Canada. It was my second visit there and again it just made me feel I have to see more! This time I had the chance to see the province of Alberta as well. Imagine, the Alps 200 years ago! That's how Canadian mountains are! Forest everywhere, bears, no phone signal, no roads, no houses, no people. Obviously no cable cars nor pimp trails to hike.

Soaring up a cliff face - Paragliding in Canada

Somewhere in Alberta...The valley wind was quite strong hitting this mountain face, generating good lift combined with thermals.

Wingsuit BASE Canada

Wingsuit BASE jump somewhere in the Canadian Rockies...

Bonus BASE clip from Something Between movie

My first jump from this exit and the longest wingsuit flight all the way down to the valley floor. This is a bonus footage from Something Between movie produced by
This was filmed during the 2012 Coupe Icare Festival in France at Dent de Crolles peak.

Nice visuals

Had a little flight over the Höllental, near Zugspitze today. Wild landscape!!


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