Tuning in (2010) - paramotor stunts

A bit crazy, a bit illegal...but fun. Somewhere in Italy with Flat Top paramotors.


The "O.ther" jumps. Pal Takats and Gabor Kezi BASE jumping from paragliders in Switzerland and Turkey.

Adrenaline and Turbulence - Trailer

The trailer of the multi-award-winning film Adrenaline and Turbulence, directed by Andras Kollmann. The movie takes a deep look into the acrobatics paragliding scene through the eyes of Pal Takats and Gabor Kezi as follows their strory from Hungary up to the top of the world ranking.

„An action film, an educational tool, a road movie and a story of personal triumph, Adrenaline and Turbulence is a movie that wears many hats..." tells Bob Drury, editor of Cross Country magazine about the paragliding documentary.

Adrenaline and Turbulence - jumping from a hot-air balloon

Hungary is basically flat, so to get nice altitude for acro training it is a nice opportunity for us to join our base jumping friends and jump out of hot-air balloon - tells Gábor Kézi in the documentary film Adrenaline and Turbulence. Filming basejumpers and paragliders jumping out of a hot air balloon was exiting. András Kollmann cameraman and director fixed a rope at the top of the balloon and swing 20 meters from the basket. Shots were taken in 2005 and 2006 in Hungary, near Velence lake.

Adrenaline and Turbulence - Intro

Intro of documentary film Adrenaline and Turbulence.

Adrenaline and Turbulence - Main plot

Mathias Roten talks abount genaration change in acro paragliding.

Acro paragliding show in Kitzbühel

Paragliding acrobatics demo during the Hahnenkammrennen Ski World Cup in 2009.

justACRO Madeira

The memories of an unforgettable week of acro flying in Madeira in January 2008.

Over the Clouds

A video clip that we created for a Hungarian sports film festival, the XAFT. D-Bag jumping from hot-air balloon, acro training in Organyá with emergency situations, acro competitions.

Soft Landing Acro Jam

The first and only acro event in Hungary back in the very beginning of our acro career. Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi shared the first place on the podium of this friendly event. Pál was 19, Gábor 21 years old that time :-)