Pal wins the first World Cup of 2010 in Zell am See

Grillmayer Alexandra in female and Pál Takáts in the overall category have won Paranoia Acrobatixxx, the first of the - only - two World Cup events of the season, held in Zell am See, Austria for the fifth time! As usual the altitude in the flying box was pretty low, between 3-400 meters so the pilots were performing 3 maneuvers only. It means that everything has to run perfectly, otherwise even a small mistake makes out big differences in the scoring. Regarding the new rules now the landing takes 20% of the total scoring (it is the double than it used to be) and the ground spiral coefficient jumped up from 3 to 4 which makes the landings a lot more exciting since everybody is giving a try for the spiral-raft landings to get out maximal points.

Task 1
After the qualification he first task took place on thursday afternoon. In this task the pilots had to fly a restricted program.

The restricion was that they were only allowed to fly manoeuvres until cofficient 1,70. Cyril Planton flew to the first place in the first task. Some newcomers qualified them to take part and showed also their great abilities to fly acro.
Results Run 1.

Task 2
On friday morning, 16th july 2010, the 2nd task in the competition Acrobatixx took place. With nice weather the pilots went to the take off and got ready for their next run. The athletes could now fly a normal announced program and for the first time in the competition the audience could see the famous infinity. Pal Takats from Hungary and former X-Alps participant made the best place in this task. He assured him the first place with a spectacular landing. Cyril PLanton was second in this run and the leading pilot of the World Ranking List Horacio Llorens went third
Results Run 2.

Task 3
Due to the perfect and sunny weather on friday we did a 3rd task in the late afternoon. The pilots were very happy about flying again. Pal Takats managed to keep his first place in the 3rd run. The newcomer Tim Alongi from France conjured his performance in the sky and the jury rewarded him with the second place. Horacio Llorens who is flying this year with a new glider from his cousin Raul Rodriguez saved him the third place.
Results Run 3.

Task 4
Saturday the 17th July 2010: A wonderful day again although the weather forecasts where not the best. Horacio Llorens from Spain was able to fly on the first place in this task just before Pal Takats and Tim Alongi. The run was also a free announced program. We saw many spectacular manoeuvres, ground spirals, landings on the raft and extra ordinary water landings. Espacially Marvin Ogger showed the public a thrilling water landing just in front of the public.
Results Run 4.

1. Pál Takáts (HUN) U-Turn Thriller
2. Horacio Llorenz (ESP) RR Radix
3. Cyril Planton (FRA) SOL Supersonic
Final Results Paranoia Acrobatixx 2010
Final Results Austria Cup
Final Results Women

Find more info and tons of pictures at the Ikarus-Pinzgau website.

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