Esfera - new acro trick by Pal Takats

On the 25nd of October 2010 in Ölüdeniz, Pal Takats managed to perform a new maneuver called "Esfera" - the connection between SAT and SAT (the 2nd one turning to opposite direction!). The transition goes through a straight up Infinity Tumbling and afterwards "Anti-Rythmic" technique is used to work the angle back down.
The name "Esfera" is a spanish word that means: "sphere", "globe", "ball".
Pal was using the new U-Turn Thriller 2k11 (size 17 m2), that finally made this possible! The '11 is the very latest version of the glider that was slightly adjusted and reinforced as a result of one year's new experiences gained during the test-flights and the Tandem Infinity project.