(r)EVOLUTION in acro paraglidig

The latest inventions in aerobatics paragliding created by Pál Takáts and summarized in this documentary film. Read more for the description and explanation of the new tricks.

To win a better understanding of the tricks listed below, please watch the film "EVOLUTION".

' Cork ' (X-Chopper to Helico):
In 2007 during a training session in Organyá (Spain) I discovered a dynamic way to enter the Helicopter maneuver. The movement starts exactly like a Misty Flip but then transforms smoothly into a Helicopter. After some practice I realized that it is possible to bring a lot more speed into the transition, but the more energy there is difficulty of the maneuver increases extremely. It took me 3 years practice to finally get to the limits of this move: the “Cork-screw” (or “Cork”). Here I arrive with lot's of speed out of a spiral-dive and use it to swing right over the glider, exactly like during a Tumbling entry. But while passing above the wing I brake down the energy by spinning right into the helicopter rotation on the way back down. There is just about a second of time to lead the glider from one art of movement into a totally different one by using hard but very precise brake and body inputs.
For me this maneuver is the most technical, the most difficult move that exits in acrobatics paragliding.

' Booster ' (radical 1-turn Tumbling):
The pilot takes only one single revolution over the glider but with extreme speed and energy, as coming out from a spiral. Then to exit this dynamic movement it requires perfect timing and lot's of strength in the arms. During the exit the wing dives far, far down underneath the pilot. It is a great sensation, but when executed wrongly, the pilot can fall into the lines or even the canopy.

Multi-connections: to link 3 or more tricks together very quickly, in just a few seconds. All of them requires perfect control an understanding of all aerobatic moves, furthermore it needs perfectly timed but heavy break inputs.
These are:

' Joker ' (Booster + SAT + Helico):
It starts with a Booster and during the exit a SAT will be entered as early as the lines get the tension back again. In the very same moment heavy inside break will be applied to spin the glider and make the transition into the Helicopter.
During the connection the SAT should not pick up its natural speed and energy, but should be spinned out not later then a half or a full rotation. The whole combination should be quick, solid and fluent.

' Cowboy ' (Misty Flip + SAT + Helico):
Such as the Joker it also ends with an extremely quick SAT to Helico, but begins with a Misty Flip movement. Instead of letting the Misty Flip shoot forward as usually, it will be piloted to sneak out sidewards earlier and lead directly into the SAT. It can also be entered from an X-Chopper (a very dynamic and high Misty Flip).

' Bull-ride ' (Misty + Tumble + Helico):
The radical version of the 'Cowboy'. Instead of the SAT, the energy of the Misty will be let go and the glider shoots below the pilot for one single turn. While passing over the canopy (in the Tumble) the glider will be spinned out to continue in the Helicopter.

For sure there will be still further developments and combinations coming up in the future!