Shit happens...

First of all thanks for all the good vibes and energy you were sending to the universe wishing my recovery. I was close to die but got lucky, had good angels taking care of me. Went though a hard period but my healing process is going on better and faster then expected.
The short summary: open shinbone fracture, broken fibula (both on left leg), compressed 3 vertebras (stable), bruised many ribs, coccyx, collected a serious concussed my brain in collected a couple of internal injuries. Spent 1 month in 3 hospitals around Switzerland (3 helicopter rides during this time), of which I was sleeping in artificial coma for 2 weeks (to relax and stabilize my body), then another month in a rehabilitation clinic with a full program of intensive therapies: neuropsychology, physiotherapy, ergo and water-therapy, swimming, muscle training, etc...

What happened is that I was gonna test a new prototype near Zermatt with the intention to fly to town. The days before it was snowing a lot, so I was launching with skis in deep powder. I set up on an off-piste area at 3000 meters AMSL near Gornergrat and started. At this moment nobody was skiing around and I was completely alone. Immediately as I lost ground contact I felt a strong pull of the glider to the right. Don't know the reason of it yet. I tried to stop the rotation but I could not manage to get it out straight. As i was turning, I never really got away from the mountain and finally I crashed on a steep rocky/snowy area that was right on top of a 20-25 meter high cliff. The wing collapsed, I lost the skis and I tumbled off that cliff. As turning around I lost orientation and the only thing I realized was the wind blowing my ears, the wind of freefalling. I know this feeling well from base jumping so I knew I am falling way too long and acceleraring way to fast to just be able to walk away from this in one piece. Just taught, "shiiit!". Everything was happening really fast. The cliff was was not completely vertical so I even hit it once or twice before impact. Thanks god I hit fresh powder on the bottom, with legs or my butt first (not quite sure), otherwise I would have probably died there instantly. I saw the open lower leg fracture which looked so ugly that I couldn't look at it and straightened it back immediately. I was alone and hidden between rocks so I knew there is only one chance to survive this. I pulled my phone out and called the rescue heli. After ~15 min I could hear the noise of the helicopter approaching and that made me feel really happy and relaxed. I love Switzerland for that :) By then I was shaking from the cold and probably the shock as well. I got some seroius dose of morphine thats made me not feel anything anymore and they flew me down to Visp where they put my leg back into 1 piece with a metal plate and 7 screws. I woke up on my birthday, the 22nd of March when I finally broke through...I fell pretty good now, healing is going great, just need to give some more months for my bones to heal and will be back in the air then!

Many thanks again for all the positive energy, it did really help! And sorry to freak you out a bit, didn't mean to do that ! :)


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