How much further shall we push the limits...?

Youtube & Co. are awesome but at the same time so damn dangerous! Nowadays everything is filmed, everybody can see everybody's latest crazy stunt. Each time a little bit lower, faster, closer...We, human beings tend to overestimate our abilities time to time. People watching these countless examples of extraordinary people doing extraordinary (+dangerous) things really does push many to try something themselves that they are not yet capable of...GoPro cameras are one of the greatest innovation in modern filming technology and it is the best tool to learn and progress as an athlete. But please: just ask yourself each time before doing something 'extraordinary': would I also do this right now if there was no camera recording? I have the feeling that in our 21st century Youtube/Facebook generation the athlete's motivation to do really-on-the-edge stuff is not only the seek of the next adrenaline rush but more and more also the reward of having the video online the next day. No need to die for just another 'cool' video!

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