ESFERA - new acro trick is born!

Just about 6 years have passed since Raul Rodriguez's greatest discovery the Infinity Tumbling. An unbelievable maneuver that nobody expected to be possible.
At the same time together with this invention a new dream was also born: if it is possible to build up a horizontally rotating SAT into a straight-up vertical movement (Rythmic-SAT to Infinity) it could also be possible to come back down into a SAT again to the other side!

But how?! How to do this "Anti-Rythmic" and work down the angle from Infinity without loosing massive amount of energy in an already extremely sensible movement, just working tight on its limits?!

In the past 5-6 years these thoughts and theory probably ran through the minds of most top acro pilots but still, nobody really heard of any serious attempts trying this connection - probably because of the scary, instable moments during the transition.

On the 22nd of October 2010 in Ölüdeniz, Pal Takats managed the first ever successful execution of the "Anti-Rythmic" coming down to a SAT from Infinity and soon after the dream of "Esfera" came true - the maneuver from SAT to SAT that is turning to the other direction, linked with Infinity in the middle. The name "Esfera" is a Spanish word that means: "sphere", "globe", "ball".
Pal is using the new U-Turn Thriller '11, that finally made this possible! The '11 is the very latest version of the glider that was slightly adjusted and reinforced as a result of one year's new experiences gained during the test-flights and the Tandem Infinity project.

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