The double sunrise trip

Chilling at Singapure airport right now with free-wifi (!) on the way to Sydney :-)
Singapure Airlines simply ROCKS! Best food and service with the kindest crew ever makes a 26 hours travel easier :-)
It is actually pretty sick, the sun comes up twice on the way from Europe to Australia (at least in my case)!
Had some troubles on the way, namely I didn't fill out the e-visa for Australia till like 10 hours ago (yea pretty stupid ha) So I nearly got the entire flight(s) cancelled and missed thanks to an idiot in Berlin. Huge thanks to my girlfriend who filled out the visa for me during my first flight to Frankfurt so I finally got my boarding card printed here.
Oh, yea and because of this my luggage was not checked through all the way, so not quite sure if it is here or still in Europe lol. But never min, no stress it's only clothes in a well recognizable RedBull bag :-)
Fingers crossed!

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