Cheers from down here!

Arrived to Australia safely, full on jet-lagging...My bag is not lost but got stuck 'up there' in Frankfurt, hopefully it gets here soon!
Thanks to 'Hollywood' who is supervising the adjustment of my biological clock: kept me awake till yesterday evening and kicked me out of bed this morning...Was not an easy job thrust me! :-D
I'm allowed to go to sleep in a few hours, yeeehaw! Hopefully from tomorrow on I'll be set and properly functional. Btw. the weather is crap with 20C, rain and strong winds, at least here in Sydney. I'm embarrassingly white so I hope for the sun to come and get some color soon. But hopefully nothing redish... ;-)

Would like to thank to all of my followers on Facebook, I just popped over 7000 likers which is pretty awesome for a paraglider pilot!
Let's aim for 10k till mid-summer! ;-)
Thank you!

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