Girl's Tour with Moni Takáts

Girls Tour Colombia

This will be the first and most fun cross country trip for girls only, in Piedechinche and Roldanillo, Valle de Cauca!

Dates: 18-26 February 2023


Day 1: Travel day, arrivals to Cali international airport, shuttles to our accommodation in Santa Elena. If you don´t arrive late we will do our first flight to get to know the area.

Days 2 and 3: XC flying in Piedechinche.

Day 4: We travel to Roldanillo – hopefully flying all the way to Zarzal approx. 90km (close to Roldanillo but on the other side of the valley) or as far as we can and then we will be picked up by our tour bus.

Day 5-8: XC flying in Roldanillo.

Day 9: Travel day, shuttles from Roldanillo to Cali international airport.

Flying sites:

My beloved second home Piedechinche is situated on the west side of the central Andes cordillera in the Cauca Valley, a short 45-minute drive away from Cali international airport. The nearest town is Santa Elena, where we will stay in the high-standard hotel „Siga la Vaca“. Although its slopes are facing west, thermal conditions can begin as early as 10 am. Piedechinche has it all to be a world-class flying site. Multiple perfectly maintained take-offs with quick access, a huge beginner-friendly landing place (with landing bar :-)) and a breathtaking rainforest mountain backdrop. In Piedechinche we can fly from the morning all day long into the sunset! It is a magical place and the perfect flying environment to acclimate and work on our skills by doing local, out-and-return and long one-way flights.

Roldanillo is well known and very popular in the flying scene for its great flying conditions, the friendly town and the international competitions held there almost every year. Whereas in Piedechinche we fly only along the central cordillera and in the flats, in Roldanillo we take off and fly along the east side of

the western cordillera and can also cross the valley to fly the central cordillera in the afternoon, which allows us to aim for big FAI triangles.

This trip is ideal for you if you:

- fly an EN-B or EN-C certified glider
- already have some experience in
thermalling/cross country flying

- enjoy the safety and fun of flying in a group

- like the advantage of small groups (max. 8

Our goal is to:

- benefit from flying as a strong team

- fly together as much and as far as possible

- learn from each other during the flight
(decision making, reading the sky, strategy,
meteo etc.)

- get better by analyzing our flights together,
talking about what could be improved etc.

- simply have a great week together!!

Price: 990 EUR

Deposit: 500 EUR to secure your participation.
The deposits are transferable to another person in case you cannot make it.
 The deposit is non-refundable.

What is included in the price?

- booking of the accommodations

- airport shuttles on arrival and departure day

- transport and retrieve

- local guidance

- local sim cards (activated and ready to go)

- take-off fees

- organization of alternative activities if wanted or if the weather
is bad (eg. trip to Salteno, coffee region or hot springs)

- help/advice with bookings etc. in case you want to stay longer

- good vibes

What is not included in the price?

- plane tickets

- accommodation (please pay me approx. 300 EUR in COP upon
arrival; single rooms provided in Santa Elena, in Roldanillo
depending on the accommodation we might share chalets)

- lunch/dinner

- airport transfers on non-travel days (approx. 35 EUR Cali
airport-Santa Elena and 60 EUR Roldanillo-Cali airport)

- coaching by Pál Takáts in case we want to hire him for a big


Santa Elena: Siga La Vaca

Roldanillo: Campos verdes, Hotel Oasys or similar

Safety/health care:

We will do our best to prevent any incident and will not take any unnecessary risk as there is no helicopter rescue operation in Colombia. However, in case of an injury, Cali has one of Latin Americas best hospitals:

Valle de Lili clinic is “Accredited with international standards, for fourth year in a row as the third best hospital in Latin America by the AméricaEconomía magazine“.

Minimum requirements to participate:

- valid paragliding license

- valid liability insurance

- accident insurance covering paragliding

- experience level to safely take-off and land by yourself

- basic thermal flying skills

- good level of one of these languages: English, German

- complete flying kit suitable for your skill level

- reserve parachute re-packed within the last 6 months prior to
the course

- a quality 2-meter band radio (this is crucial for us to be able to
work together;

it is recommended to invest in a high-quality radio: ICOM,
Yaesu, etc.)

- travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended\


About me:

I started to fly in 2016 and have been quickly exploring the beauty of this sport. In 2022 I finished second in the EN-B class and won the female class in my very first competition, the Ozone Open in Piedechinche, the flying arena I know the best. My longest distance flight is currently 116km and 6:30h on the Rush6, also flown in the same region. I'm fluent in German, English, and Spanish and will be happy to introduce you to the Colombian lifestyle.


+43 660 658 8890

Looking forward to sharing the sky with you!