What is B.A.S.E. jumping?

B.A.S.E. jumping is the extreme art of sky-diving. Instead of a plane, we jump from fixed objects, such as:

B - Building
A - Antenna
S - Span (usually a bridge or a cable)
E - Earth (cliff)

When you know how to use your body as a wing, from simple falling you can gain enormous forward speed to 150 kph or more, that generates lift to bring you far away from the object. Thanks to nowadays modern tracking- and wing-suits, the performance is getting better and better, which is opening new dimensions for the sport.
For me it just comes down to flying again. It's like the ancient dream of flying...using nothing else but your own body! It's kind of like quitting body and mind for a short period of time to enter another world and live the dream real!

A super intense, unique experience – nothing to compare with!

I started sky-diving in 2008 and made my first real BASE from a cliff in 2010. Currently I am working on my wingsuit skills to fly better, longer, further...